Here are some ideas for the kind of sessions that are possible when exploring books.

Brilliant Books Roadshow ~ Suitable for any year group - I will suggest a list of twenty books, past and present which I think will appeal to your selected grouping of pupils. You can suggest other titles you'd like me to promote ahead of the day.

Girls into Books
With this year's big push on getting boys to read more, the girls are starting to say "What about us?".  How about a day that combines drama, creative writing & great fiction titles? We'll take a close look at five authors - your choice, their choice or my choice.

A Christmas Carol ~ This is a workshop you might want to have in December. One Doncaster pupil said he didn't believe he could spend a day with Dickens and enjoy it.

Shakespeare for Year 9 ~ Now that the SATs have gone, you're free to do a whole play instead of chunks of it. Why not have a drama workshop to kick-start your study of character and plot.

Bookbuzz ~ A drama day exploring the 12 titles offered this year to Year Seven pupils. You can have it as a round-robin style day, delivering one-hour workshops to different classes or as a day of deeper exploration for one group of Year Sevens. Have it early in the Autumn term to help them choose or later on to help them explore and swap, promoting wider reading.

Boys into Books ~ A drama day for up to 30 pupils, exploring five titles from the SLA's long list of choices. My selection involves Dream On, Boy, Percy Jackson, Blood Beast & Tins, but you can choose your own selection for me to work with if you wish. Schools will often pair up keen Year 9 pupils with younger boys who they'd like to inspire.

If you've not worked with me before, click on the 'Workshops' page for an overview or 'Dave Days in Detail' for a closer look at what I offer.

Or, if you're ready to discuss your requirements, just Email me and I will telephone or email you back as soon as I can.