Drama, Literature & Creative Writing


Based in Keswick, Cumbria, I offer a variety of workshops to primary and secondary schools. My 'Dave Days' (coined by Doncaster librarians) offer your chosen mix of reading, writing and drama activity. I've worked right across the age range from Y1 to Y13 and draw on 16 years of teaching experience alongside my passions for reading and writing. I also offer INSET and conference seminars + workshops.

Two Types of Day are very popular:


Creative Writing Day ~ Pupils use picture prompts, planning sheets and specific prose techniques to create characters, a plot and the opening sections of a story.


Drama & Literature Day ~ Pupils explore anything from five to twenty fiction titles through a mixture of talk, drama and sometimes writing.


Book promotion days so far: The Doncaster Book Award; The Carnegie Medal; The Greenaway Medal, The Southwark Book Award, The Bolton Book Award, The Northern Ireland Book Award, Dorset's New Horizons Book Award; The Salford Children's Book Award, Booked Up, Bookbuzz, The Spellbinding Book Award ( Cumbria ).

Areas where I've worked include:  Berkshire, Blackburn, Bradford, Bury, Calderdale, Cumbria, Derby, Doncaster, Dorset, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Kirklees, Leicestershire, Northern Ireland, Nottingham, Oldham, Peterborough, Salford, Sheffield, St Helens, Southwark, Surrey, Wakefield.

As a writer, I continue to work on prose fiction aimed at 9-12 year-olds whilst also writing plays and poetry.  My unpublished children's novel 'The Seven Ages of Jack' was shortlisted for the Fidler Award. My youth play 'Our House' was performed in The Crucible Theatre, Sheffield.   Guardian Online has published over 50 of my haikus. Longer poems and a short story have been published in anthologies.


With your selected mix of drama, books & writing, your day can be tailored entirely to your needs, working across several classes or intensively with one group for the whole day. Weekend workshops are an option.


Full day of workshops ( 5 hours ) ~ £250
3-hour workshop - £180
2-hour workshop - £140
1-hour workshop - £80 

·     I will normally need accommodation the night before a workshop if it's an early start and my travel is going to be more than 100 mins from Keswick ( CA12 ). I am used to organizing my own accommodation and will attempt to get the best deal. Accommodation + food usually adds a maximum of £100 in London, £85 in the South, £70 in the Midlands & £60 in the North.

·     I add 20p per mile for petrol costs, rounded to the nearest £5

Some examples of petrol costs:

Blackpool - £35

Ripon, Newcastle, Bolton - £40

Bradford - £45

Salford, Manchester - £50

Doncaster, Edinburgh - £55

Derby, Nottingham - £75

Bristol, Aberdeen - £110

Reading - £120

London - £125

Farnborough, Hants - £130

Portsmouth, Exeter - £140

Dover - £160