A writing challenge for librarians and teachers to give to their pupils. Use my contact form to submit your work or email your entry - please paste your work into the body of the email.


**The Prize** :  £40 gift card for winning pupil + free workshop for pupil's school (travel + accommodation to be paid by school)  

No current competition

See the archive for past tasks.




Task 1:          Creative Writing

Class of Dave isn't running at the moment. The task opposite is one you can do on any book, plus you can dig into the archive for more ideas. Anything you submit now will go forward to be judged for the next deadline, once it's announced.Why not have a go at a task just for fun.


Task 2:        Reading Springboard


Read the opening few paragraphs of any book by any author. As soon as you get an idea for branching off, stop reading and start writing how you think the book might continue. As soon as you're done, enjoy going back to see what really does happen, of course.





·    Maximum lengths: 40 lines for poetry, 500 words for prose - work can be longer, but judgement stops there

·    Any poem, story, script or reading springboard piece you've written can be submitted at any time - no need to stick to weekly or archived tasks - just invent your own!

·    No time limits on weekly tasks - send when finished

·    All work received by each deadline (usually the end of each month) stands an equal chance of winning the monthly prize

·    Don't fancy this week's task? Use an archived one

·    I'm judging your writing for quality, not quantity, and your age will be taken into consideration

·    Send work using the Contact Form - if it fails, email

·    Any questions will be answered on this page for all to read

Librarians & Teachers


·    PDFs and JPEGs for display + extra bookmarks will be posted below when available

·    Not signed up? Email me and I will send you a starter pack, containing 20 bookmarks

·    This project is funded by my paid work in schools, so why not consider me for a workshop?

 PDF - Make Your Own Bookmarks You can make 8 bookmarks with this file. Print page 1, turn over your card, print page 2, then use the crop marks to slice them to size.